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Hi, Folks! It’s me again!

It’s been a pretty long time since the last time wrote something here.

In this writing, I want to discuss one of the statements provided in the homework given by the Critical Thinking Module: “knowing when to stop is part of the victory” using the Question Formulation Technique (QFT).

First thing first, let’s get to know about QFT

So, What It Means by Using QFT?

To put it simply, the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a process for brainstorming questions. This way, we can formulate lots of questions based on one particular statement given.

QFT also has rules that we need to follow, which are:

1. Asking as many questions as we can.

2. Never stop to discuss, judge, or answer the questions.

3. Write down every question exactly as it is stated.

4. Statements or ‘sentence fragments’ and other cognitive snippets are fine–just change any of these into questions at the end.

My Questions

“Knowing when to stop is part of the victory” is quite intriguing when I think about it. Oftentimes, people tell us to keep going, to pursue whatever dreams we have as if we truly spend our effort on the right thing. But, have we ever thought otherwise? What if “giving up” is the right thing — because one door closing means another opening? What if pivoting our way will lead us to a more suitable destination we never thought of before? What if knowing when to stop is part of the victory and not the sign of surrender to the hardships we are facing?

Here are some questions (and the top three — based on prioritization) that I defined.

And here are the top three:

  1. Why should we know how to stop?
  2. How to know when to stop?
  3. What happens if we don’t stop?

These three questions will then be answered by using approaches that I have learned in the class.

What do I need to know?

First, I need to define what it means to “know when to stop” and “be a part of the victory”.

So, the way I see it, is how we are always told to pursue our dreams and conquer all of the obstacles we find along the way. So many times we spent pursuing them, so little time left to reflect if we are truly on the right path. That’s why knowing when to stop is important to save ourselves from wasting the time and resources pursuing things that don’t ignite the fire in us.

And second, is the victory.

Victory isn’t always defined by winning competitions or being the first in something. Celebrating our little wins are also as important too, which can be an act of giving up pursuing a particular thing that doesn’t interest us any longer.

Not everyone knows when is the right time to stop, or if there’s any. Most of the time, we are consumed by our worries that things wouldn’t work out the way we wanted to. This self-limiting bias governs us from trying new things or questioning ourselves. In the end, we won’t bother to take a different — and maybe more fulfilling way to live our lives. That being said, now, what do we need to do?

What do I need to do?

First, realize that not all dreams are worth pursuing. We need to understand what is worth our time, and what isn’t. That doesn’t mean that we only do the easy parts — since most of us find difficult situations uncomfortable, but instead, which “hard” that we want to deal with?

This is where we need to look inward and ask ourselves. Do we feel fulfilled? Do we love what we are doing? Do we still see the future of us doing the things we are doing right now? If we do, ask ourselves, why? And if we don’t, ask harder, why?

We are humans and we live with our own beliefs and values, we are the compilations of our experiences and things we learn along the way, so it’s totally fine if we need more time to really see know what we want, not what people want us to be.

Stop does not mean that we’re done trying, instead, that only means that we are focusing on other (and better) things. And that’s okay if we haven’t figured everything out yet. We can always try and fail, and then keep trying anyway.

Final and Reflections

My conclusion, of course,I agree that knowing when to stop is also a very important part of the victory. In life, people evolve and change, people jump from one thing to the other. We are explorers by hearts, and if stopping at some points give us more rooms to grow and eventually bloom, then why not?




A museum of unarticulated thoughts and monologues. I narrate things and take some notes inside my head.

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Nur Annisa K.

Nur Annisa K.

A museum of unarticulated thoughts and monologues. I narrate things and take some notes inside my head.

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